Solid Gold Food Review – An Honest Review

The pet food industry has experienced massive growth over the past few years, seemingly endless options. With each type divided into hundreds of subcategories, it’s easy to get puzzled by all the possibilities.

One type of pet food that has probably seen the most progress in recent years is holistic foods. I conducted a brand review that claims to have started the holistic pet movement.

So many brands have overused the term “holistic” that it can be challenging to tell the truth from the gimmicky gimmicks. Solid Gold claims to have started the natural pet food category in 1974.

Solid Gold Indigo Moon with Chicken and Egg

These dry kibbles are the Solid Gold line of high protein, gluten-free, and grain-free dry cat food. It is formulated for pets with moderate activity levels.

The primary source of protein is chicken or fish and includes a Solid Gold superfood blend for healthy digestion—no artificial things such as color, flavor, or preservatives.

This Solid Gold Dry Cat Food is high in protein from natural caged chickens and whole eggs. Its top five ingredients are chicken meal, potatoes, canola oil, peas, and chicken. It also contains ocean fishmeal, salmon oil, blueberries, cranberries, dried chicory root, and probiotics to support digestive health.

They have helped with tummy issues. According to many reviews, the main focus is on gut health, and this solid Gold has helped with stomach issues. Cat owners have claimed that their pets have stopped having stomach pain or IBS since switching to this dry cat food. Others argue that their cats’ feces have minimal odor.

Healthy weight. The opinions of owners of cats who are underweight or diabetic are also positive. Many skinny cats have gained a healthy weight since eating this cat food.

Their general health improved, and their fur became soft and shiny. This Solid Gold pet food is also rich in omega fatty acids from rapeseed oil and salmon oil, promoting healthy skin and hair.


Price. Many cat parents have complained that the cost of this cat food has gone up, and it is no longer good value for them. Some cat owners believe that they would rather spend the money on a higher-end product for its current price.

Indigo Luna Chicken and Egg Dry Food have received excellent reviews from many cat owners. Having a healthy digestive system also appears to have unlocked other health benefits, such as healthy weight, skin, and coat.

Some have even noticed a difference in the behavior of their cats. They appear calmer, while others are more active, which all cat owners consider a sign of health and happiness.

Like all brands, it is not without reproach. Many buyers think this product is no longer worth its price. The rise in prices prompted some to turn to other brands. They believe that it is cheaper to buy only a higher quality cat food for the price.

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Solid Gold Let’s Stay In Recipe with Chicken, Lentils, and Apples

Let’s Stay In is Solid Gold kibble designed exclusively for adult indoor cats of all sizes. In addition to natural cage-free chicken or fish, it’s high in fiber and superfoods to help control hairballs.

Fiber helps hair move through the cat’s digestive system. It also contains live probiotics and omegas for healthy digestion and the immune system.

This dry, grain-free, gluten-free cat food from Solid Gold is high in the protein and fiber that pets need. The top ingredients included are chicken, chicken, lentils, peas, and turkey meals.

Other protein sources are pea protein, sea fishmeal, and dried eggs. Overall health and a strong immune system are enriched with chicken fat and superfoods like pumpkin, blueberries, cranberries, and salmon oil.


High-quality ingredients. We love the high-quality, high-protein ingredients in the Stay in Chicken, Lentils, and apple recipe. The first ingredient is natural chicken, without a cage, and it also contains fishmeal from the ocean.

Contains no fillers, by-products, or artificial flavors and colors. We’re also impressed with the consistency of superfoods and probiotics in all of their dry products.

Hairball control. Reviews from many cat owners claim that their cats have fewer or more hairballs. This product is so rich in healthy fiber from lentils, apples, peas, and ground flax seeds.

Helps move food and hair through the digestive system of cats. The reduction or absence of hairballs could also be the result of improved skin and coat. Let’s Stay In contains salmon oil and vitamin E, which help maintain healthy skin and hair.


Croquettes are too small, and some cat owners find the kibble too small. A cat parent would have liked the kibble to be slightly larger so their cat could chew them instead of inhaling the kibble right away.

Solid Gold Cat Food Let’s Stick With Chicken, Lentils and Apples Dry cat food is another hit among cat parents. Their kittens love it and are confident that they give their pets a safe and healthy meal.

The quality of the ingredients is genuinely exceptional. A diet high in fiber is essential for domestic cats, especially those prone to hairballs. We highly recommend these kibbles for cats prone to hairballs.

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Heavenly Touch of Solid Gold Kitten Food

This high-protein dry food contains DHA for cognitive development, live probiotics, and omega fatty acids specially formulated for kittens with moderate activity levels. Contains superfoods for a healthy digestive and immune system.

The top ingredients are chicken, chicken, turkey, sweet potato, and pea protein. It consists of omega fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy skin and coat.


Rich in protein. Every aspect of a kitten’s health is under development, and a diet high in protein is essential to ensure that kittens build strong muscles. This grain-free, gluten-free dry food contains multiple protein sources: chicken, chicken, turkey, pea protein, and sea fish.

Better digestion. Some cat parents have noticed that their kittens have started having regular bowel movements since starting Solid Gold Touch of Heaven. They also discovered that the smell of the litter box was not as strong as it used to be.


Available in one flavor. The range of Solid Gold kibbles dedicated to kittens is now available in a variant: chicken and sweet potato recipe. It would also be good to have poultry-free flavors for kittens with poultry allergies.

Solid Gold is a healthy, nutrient-rich, gluten-free cat food designed for kittens, and it contains many sources of healthy proteins necessary for the development of kittens.

The probiotic and superfood content in this kitten food appears to positively affect their digestive system and coat. Since using this brand, some cat parents have noticed that their pets have softer, shinier fur.

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Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings

Purrfect Pairings is one of the Solid Gold wet cat food lines, and it presents itself in a tasty mousse texture and is perfect for cats of all ages. All Purrfect pairings are grain-free, gluten-free, and enriched with nourishing goat milk.

Goat’s milk is an easily digestible source of calcium for healthy and strong bones and teeth. This wet pet food can be eaten as a meal on its own or mixed with dry food.

This tasty and sweet mousse is rich in moisture and protein. Contains 78% moisture for maximum hydration. The first five ingredients are enough water for processing, salmon, tuna, potatoes, and pea protein.

Contains goat’s milk and multiple vitamins and mineral supplements. Unlike the Solid Gold food reviewed, this mousse does not have superfoods like berries and sweet potatoes, and it also does not contain probiotics.


Loved by picky kittens. Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings Wet Cat Food is available in small plastic containers instead of the traditional tin can. While it’s convenient for some to store leftovers, we believe it’s always best to go for more eco-friendly options whenever possible.


Perfect pairing with salmon and goat’s milk Foam is a great wet food to have on your cat’s menu. Excellent source of hydration for cats as it contains 78% moisture.

Its tasty flavor makes it very popular with feline lovers. The ingredients, however, do not contain the superfoods and probiotics found in many Solid Gold products.

However, it is still highly nutritious wet cat food. Hope Purrfect pairings are contained in a tin can rather than disposable plastic.

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Is Solid Gold cat food healthy?

Solid Gold Cat Food is not nutritionally excellent, but it is significantly above average. Solid Gold dry foods have a relatively low carbohydrate content and, unlike many other kibble products, favor animal protein over vegetable protein. Their wet food is similar, not the best, nor the worst.

Is Solid Gold a good cat food?

Solid Gold Holistic Delights is a delicious cat food (wet chicken) dipped in coconut. Unlike some bland, dry foods that some individuals feed their pets, this one is soft and easy to eat. It is also free from irritants and recommended for all stages of development.

Is Solid Gold Cat Food Safe?

All Solid Gold Dry Dog & Cat Foods provide natural prebiotic fiber and protected prebiotic fiber to give optimal support for overall digestive health and nutrient absorption. Safe for dogs and cats of all life stages and sizes.

Which company produces Solid Gold pet food?

Solid Gold Pet is a global manufacturer and supplier of natural and holistic pet foods based in Chesterfield, Missouri.

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