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Obesity or gaining weight is one of the most common problems cats face in their lifetime. Irregular eating patterns and unhealthy food increases the chances of your cat getting obese, which would bring many digestive and health problems. It is common in cats as humans to get stomach problems like diarrhea and constipation and other sensitive issues like heart and breathing problems. The best way to cater to the increase in weight in cats is to make a diet plan that includes healthy food enriched with fiber and proteins. 

Calculation of weight and keeping an excellent book to note the increasing body mass index of the cat can help control the growing importance. I am Mohammad Waqas, and in this blog, I will help you all understand the problems associated with weight gain and how different varieties of cat food can facilitate monitoring the weight of your furry feline. From the seven products enlisted in this blog, Hill’s multi-benefit cat food, Purina Pro Plan Weight Management, and Iams Proactive Health are the favorite and strongly recommended for those cat owners concerned about the increased weight of their cats. There are many new and unique cat food available in the market to make cats lose weight, yet many fresh cat owners are not knowledgeable enough to find the right food with the right amount of calorie deficit food that would elevate the health of cats. 

Products Review

Hill’s Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Digestive/Weight/Glucose/Urinary Management Cat Food


Highly versatile and innovative cat food, Hill’s Prescription Diet is specifically designed for such cats who are experiencing excessive weight gain. Due to its features, many veterinary doctors have recommended those cat owners who are concerned about the weight gain of their cats. Those features are as follows:


Pros & Cons 

Hill’s Prescription Diet is beneficial for cats in many ways. It possesses a lot of favorable properties that should not be ignored.

  • One of the oldest companies in the market producing quality cat food designed for various purposes.
  • This product is a clinically tested and proven food for cats experiencing frequent weight gain over the years. 
  • The addition of Vitamin E and control cell oxidants increases cats’ overall health, specifically focusing on the digestion and weight problem. 
  • On the other hand, antioxidants nutrients are also helping in strengthening the immune system of the cats. 
  • However, the price of this product is very high, and cat owners with a tight budget might not be able to buy this for the cats.
  • Recent reviews of many cat owners are not positive. Many have filed cases against the company for producing sub-standard products.


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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Weight Control Dry Cat Food, Chicken


Whenever cat foods are mentioned, Blue Buffalo Wilderness is on the list because this product has been a revelation for many cat owners worldwide. The product is centrally designed for cats’ weight control, blocking them from becoming obese and unhealthy. 


Pros & Cons

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Weight Control Dry Cat Food is an excellent nutrient source for cats’ healthy and steady growth without fear of weight gain. Advantages of this product include:

  • The company has used a unique control process to build strong muscles to increase lean muscle. This is only possible because the company has made it completely grain-free. 
  • A proportional amount of omega-3 and six fatty acids and a blend of amino acids increase the digestive health of the cats. 
  • Nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins are utilized in the composition of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness, which is excellent for the cat’s immune system. 
  • Another advantage of this product is that it is beneficial for cats who experience hair loss. It caters to this problem quickly. 
  • Lastly, I-carnitine is an excellent nutrient for metabolism partnered with fatty acids to enhance the heart condition of cats.
  • However, it is essential to note that it has some calories added to the product when it comes to a calorie deficit, which might not be beneficial for cats focusing on losing weight.
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Purina ONE High Protein, Natural Dry Cat Food, Ideal Weight With Turkey

One of my favorite and highly recommended is Purina ONE High Protein, Natural Dry Cat Food, and Ideal Weight with Turkey. I have also used it for my cat’s weight loss. The results I witnessed were positive, so I recommend this to many people with a note that you must consult a veterinary doctor first.


Pros & Cons

Highlighting the advantage of Purina One, this product is versatile and great for cats facing weight gain problems. Here are some of the pointers that would help understand this product:

  • The product is made with turkey, the first ingredient used in its composition. 
  • Purina One is famous for the smooth and steady growth of cats, facilitating weight loss. 
  • The formula is designed to control the hair fall problem of cats and gives them shiny fur coats. 
  • The use of antioxidants is one of the essential ingredients in this product because it helps digestion and increases immunity.
  • On the other hand, the disadvantage of this product is that it contains some poultry by-products, which are harmful to cats.
  • Moreover, it causes gases in the cat’s stomach, producing stinky stool that might be bad for the environment.


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Purina Pro Plan Weight Management, High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food & Wet Cat Food

Another product by Purina is worth mentioning is the weight loss blog for cats because of the immense features and advantages that this product has. The company is committed to providing cat foods that would help your cat get a healthy life, with weight loss being an integral part of the process. 


Pros & Cons 

After hearing a different point of view of many cat owners, I have understood that Purina Pro Plus has many advantages that might come in handy for finding solutions to weight gain in cats. Here are some of the most repeated benefits, along with a couple of disadvantages mentioned by reviewers:

  • One of the unique advantages of this product is that it is made with such ingredients, which do not cause allergies to the cats. 
  • The protein level is high, ensuring the steady growth of cats, strengthening the stomach, and reducing digestive problems.
  • Moreover, the product is prepared to keep in mind the fatty contents like gluten in cat food to guarantee weight loss. 
  • However, it is also high in carbs, a significant disadvantage for cats enrolled in the weight loss process.
  • Moreover, the usage of soy and corns, which are not suitable for cats and may harm cats’ diet procedure, also affects cats’ stomach and digestive systems. 


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Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, Healthy Weight Recipe Natural Kibble + Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food

New in the cat food listing, Instinct Raw Boost is a very different yet effective cat food designed for cats trying to lose weight. Although many cat owners do not rate it highly, it can be conducive to them because of its features and advantages.


Pros & Cons 

It is essential to highlight the advantages of a product with a wide variety of ingredients used in its manufacturing. Following are the benefits of this product:

  • The use of cage-free chicken is an excellent source of protein as such cage-free animals contain a high amount of protein.
  • This product is formulated with the help of kibble, which is highly effective for cat’s weight loss. 
  • The blend of antioxidants and probiotics increases the efficiency of cats’ immune systems, which also enhances the digestive functions of cats
  • However, the use of peas and meat can be dangerous for cats with allergies as these both are the triggering forces in animals, especially cats.
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Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food

Again, my personal favorite and of the most successful brand in producing quality cat food is Iams proactive, a forerunner in this industry. It is understood that its features are worth mentioning and might help cat owners make it permanent for their pets which are as follows:


Pros & Cons 

Iams Proactive is a product that has many advantages if used in the correct quantity and quality. However, many cat owners are not the affair of these positive impacts of the development and always write it off. Here, I have mentioned many advantages to educating young cat owners:

  • The most significant advantage of this product is that it is easily affordable for such cat owners who are tight on the budget. 
  • The crude protein is used in its preparation which is great for the cat, busy in the weight loss process. 
  • Iams Proactive has used whole food animal proteins, which is an excellent source of increasing the digestive function of cats. 
  • To ensure that the cat is healthy and not losing muscle due to weight loss, vital nutrients are used by the company.
  • On the other hand, corn is a side effect of this product as many cats have allergies, and the corn itself is a weight-increasing ingredient.

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Royal Canin Feline Weight Care Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Adult Multipack Wet Cat Food

Last on the list is Royal Canin Feline Weight Care, an excellent product for cats focused on losing weight. Many people are not aware of this product. Yet, veterinary doctors are very confident in this product and recommend for steady weight loss course for cats. In this last listing, I have mentioned its features, elevating its widespread recognition among cat owners.


Pros & Cons

Shedding light on the pros and cons of this product, it is surely a great source of protein in cats keeping in mind the weight loss journey your pet is on. Here are some of the advantages and couple of disadvantages of this product:

  • Thin and soft slices for the feline to enjoy and chew the whole food better, maintaining high oral and digestive health.
  • The wet food is great for cats as it is ideal for the weight loss journey and can help increase the muscle mass of cats. 
  • The right balance of vitamins and minerals is essential in keeping the cat healthy and shape.
  • It is excellent for adult cats experiencing steady and regular weight gain over and over again.


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Pros & Cons 

Now, as I have discussed its feature, it is required to mention its pros and cons for cat owners who are more likely to understand the benefits of this product. Following are the pros and cons of this excellent cat food:

  • The product comes in a pack of six with different weights, which is excellent for busy cat owners and might find it challenging to buy cat food daily. 
  • Moreover, overweight cats usually eat unhealthy food, yet Royal Canin is made with nutrients and healthy and refreshing nutrients. 
  • It builds lean mass muscle, which is excellent for cats losing weight as it affects strength a lot. 
  • It is reported that Royal Canin has 15% fewer calories, which is the most crucial factor in weight loss.
  • However, wet food might not be beneficial for many cats as it makes the stool thin which can cause diarrhea in the feline. 

Calculate Calories 

Many ways in which calories are calculated include the 80% technique, crystal ball method, and intuition approach for better understanding.

80% Technique 

It is vital to assume or note the amount of food taken by your cat and write down the calories. Gradually decrease your cat food by 5-10% every day, depending on the size and intake of food daily. In the end, your cat will be eating 60-70% fewer calories in a day, decreasing the calories intake in cats. 

The Crystal Ball Method

The formula is designed to calculate the cat and the number of calories you takedown in this method. The formula is:

(13.6 x W) + 70

This would show your cat’s ideal weight to stay fit and healthy. In comparison, the W in the formula represents the cat’s weight in pounds. This is an effective method used by many veterinary doctors for cats busy with weight loss. 

The Intuition Method 

This method is straightforward and requires common sense only. Undoubtedly helpful for a person who does not like calculations. It requires you to decrease the cat’s food intake every day, little by little. However, it is essential to understand the nutrient deficit cats face when cutting down the calories. An exercise or some activity might be an excellent addition to this method. 

Bottom Line

Conclusively, it is constantly worrying for cat owners to see their feline getting chubby and overweight. It is dangerous for cats because with obesity, heart and digestive problems also increase. To cater to this, there are many cat foods available in the market, which is excellent for weight loss. I have also mentioned my favorite cat foods as they are experienced on my cat. However, one must not give any food prepared for weight loss to cats without consulting the veterinary doctors because they provide a clear insight. 

Lastly, you can choose a method from three commonly used techniques for calculating the cat’s weight at regular intervals because bookkeeping is vital in keeping a day-to-day activity and decreasing calories. For the changes in the diet because you cannot reduce the protein and nutrients quantity in the feline’s body.


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