Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth – How to choose?

How much are you concerned with your cat’s dental hygiene? Although it seems uncanny, it is essential to get information to keep cats healthy. There are many reasons to keep a close check on the cat’s dental health to keep them healthy and playful. Cats usually develop dental disease by the age of two or three years old. All these questions and many more, I am Waqas, and in this blog, I will be educating you all on how to identify the signs of dental disease and what are the best food products in the market are best for cats. Due to my vast experience and knowledge of cats, I have encountered many cat owners complaining about the cats’ dental health. However, with age, the situation keeps on getting worsen, and the search for the right cat food is very hectic, yet there are many affordable products to guarantee good dental hygiene.
To part the valuable knowledge on cats, I have prepared this blog for the new cat owners to help them in the old cat dental hygiene dilemma and facilitate them in increasing the conditions of the cats’ teeth. As the cats get older, the chances of their bad teeth elevate, which is very common. Moreover, in such conditions, they repel themselves from eating different sorts of food because of the pain and disease which grows. In this blog, I have highlighted some of the products that young cat owners must consider, yet consultation with the veterinary doctor is highly suggested because expert opinion matters the most. Out of the five products mentioned below, my cat has used three, which showed remarkable results in less time. Hence these products are very effective and produce positive effects on older cats with sensitive teeth.

Best Food for Older Cats
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Oral Care, Chicken Recipe
Emerald Pet Dental Crunchy Natural Grain Free Cat Treats, Made in the USA
Purina Fancy Feast Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Pate, Poultry & Beef Collection
Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food, SuperFood Blends
Blue Buffalo Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Oral Care, Chicken Recipe

On top of the list is one of the most loved and used products in the world called Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Oral Care, Chicken Recipe. Being very famous, this product has shown vital signs of improvement in older cats with bad teeth.

Pros & Cons
This product brings many oral care benefits to the cats, which is why many veterinary doctors also recommend Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food.
Another advantage of this product is that it is also suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs because of the ingredients utilized in its preparation. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E are also great for cats’ skin and a fur coat; hence, the advantage is doubled with this product.

Moreover, the products used in Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food manufacturing are also easily digestible, making it easy for older cats to eat.
On the contrary, it is a portion of dry food and as there is no moisture in it, the difficulty for cats to eat this food increases.
Another disadvantage of this product is that it is prepared with various vegetables, and cats coercing carnivores might not consume it. Apart from these two advantages, it is excellent cat food with many benefits.

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Emerald Pet Dental Crunchy Natural Grain Free Cat Treats, Made in the USA

I have seen many unfamiliar with Emerald Pet Dental Crunchy Natural Grain-Free Cat Treats, yet it is one of the most versatile cat food seen. Primarily, this product is prepared specially for such concerned pet owners who are constantly looking to feed their cats with gluten-free and soy-free products.


Pros & Cons
I have seen many advantages of this product. The first one is that it is developed in Whimsical fish-shaped treats, which encourage cats to chew their food and disallows them to swallow it.
Such activity benefits cats because the more they chew their food, the more they will get strong teeth, facilitating them in longer dental life.
One of the most significant benefits and features of this product is that the use of calcium and taurine helps cats get good dental structure and growth.
Such cat owners who are conscious about their cat’s diet also approve of Emerald because it contains fewer calories than usually cat foods, hence increasing their health and life span.
On the other hand, the most significant disadvantage of this product is its small packet size; therefore, much budget is spent on buying treats after three to four days.

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Purina Fancy Feast Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Pate, Poultry & Beef Collection

Purina is one of the most successful companies in making cat food that caters to all the owners’ requirements. Purina Fancy Feast Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Variety Pack Pate, Poultry & Beef Collection has many features and benefits worth mentioning.

Pros & Cons
Recommended by many experienced veterinarians, there are many reported advantages of Purina Fancy Feast Grain.
Top of the list is the variety of flavors that this product comes in, which helps cat owners decide which flavour is most loved by their cats.
Moreover, this food is so much palatable and soft to chew that kittens and old cats do not face any hardship in eating it.
Talking about the older cats, Purina Fancy Feast is focused on the cats’ oral health and uplifts the health of the stomach as well, making adult cats happy and secure.
However, the disadvantage of this product is that it is not suitable for all cats, and it will make cats quirky.
The cats might not like eating this food and shy away from such products in the future.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food, SuperFood Blends

One of my personal favorites, this dry cat food was loved a lot by my cat because of the taste and easy to swallow attributes of the product. Here are some of the prominent features along with the pros and cons of this product:

Advantages& Disadvantages
The most significant advantage of Racheal Ray is that it is composed in such a way that it allows adult cats with sensitive oral situations to chew the food and enjoy it fully calmly.
Natural ingredients rich in vitamins strengthen the adult cats’ teeth and allow them to be readily available for chewing.
Furthermore, this product is highly economical and allows many cat owners who cannot afford expensive cat products to buy and take good care of their pets.
The negative aspect of Rachael Ray is that it is made with gluten ingredients which are insufficient for the health of many adult cats.
Such a level of gluten increases the blood pressure in the body and starts giving different problems to cats, such as itching.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food
One of the most unique and highly anticipated cat food on the list is Blue Buffalo Cat Food which cat owners adore a lot. Due to its vast list of features and advantages is one of the most successful cat food.

The top feature of Blue Buffalo Cat Food is that the natural chicken ingredients are augmented with a high amount of proteins used for the steady growth of cats.
Moreover, the food is made without any added grains and preservatives rather than the use of carbohydrates, including peas and other essential supplements that shape the healthy lifestyle of cats.
On the other hand, omega-3 and six fatty acids are also used to prepare Blue Buffalo Cat Food which helps increase the immune system and fur coat of the cats.
The company that prepares this food has developed a mix of various elements such as antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that many veterinary doctors also recommend for adult cats’ oral and physical health.
Lastly, the food is also free from poultry by-products, soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives, which increases cats’ immunity.

Advantages & Disadvantages
The most prominent advantage of Blue Buffalo Cat Food is that it is free from any gluten, which shows how beneficial it is for cats.
Moreover, the product is prepared with such techniques and ingredients to help cats get the lean muscle mass necessary for their growth.
The blend of healthy carbohydrates enhances the rapid growth of cats even after one year.
Lastly, the antioxidants used in the manufacturing of the product facilitate the immune system of cats.
The disadvantage of this product is that many cats do not like using different fruit ingredients, and some might have allergies that would deteriorate their cats.
Moreover, the product is costly, and cat owners on a tight budget would find it highly difficult to buy it.

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What to Look For
It is suggested to new cat owners to always look for products enriched with proteins and antioxidants while buying cat food. If your veterinary doctor has required you to buy any cat food, then it’s okay. Yet if buying out for your cat with consultation, it is good to check the ingredient list listed behind the packet. It will give you essential insights into the number of natural ingredients added to the product. Usually, products specially made for the oral health of adult cats and dry and thick make them sad and quirky to eat, so for this purpose, always look out for the product enriched with fiber and moisture so that it can increase the interest of cats.
The products such as Blue Buffalo Cat Food and Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food are the most balanced and loved products in the market. The main reason behind this is that they are prepared without additives or preservatives. The quantity of natural ingredients enhances the fiber and protein in the cat, making them more active and playful. I have heard many cat owners complaining that their cats are not joyful anymore as they once were. The main reason is that they have lost the enjoying taste because of the increased dryness and dense food. Hence always consult your veterinary doctors before choosing any food for the cats.
Lastly, brush your cat’s teeth every day twice a day like you do your own to keep their oral hygiene in check. It is recommended that unique teeth brushes are available in the market that can help in keeping your cat’s teeth clean and free from diseases. However, it is essential to note that no product must be brought without consultation from a veterinary doctor so that unforeseeable problems can be minimized.

Bottom Line
Conclusively, the best product I have tried for my cat was Purina Fancy Feast Grain-Free Wet Cat Food, a top product and loved by my cat a lot. Many new cat owners have also expressed positive feelings about this product, and their cats were also very excited. Oral hygiene has been a sensitive issue for many cats, and above mentioned dry food for cats can keep them healthy. Such food products are also better for the cats’ immunity, and they can be essential for their fur coats. These benefits are collectively available in all these products because antioxidants, organic ingredients, and grains produce healthy food when composed together. Adult cats can then enjoy solid teeth and immunity for the rest of their lives.


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